3D curved hollow fiber
  • What does Sanitized 3D curved hollow fiber offer you?
    Sanitized 3D curved hollow fiber offers comprehensive protection against bacteria, odors and dust mites.

    Pillows, quilts or bed mats filled with the Sanitized fiber are protected against bacteria and bacterial odors. The Sanitized hygiene function effectively reduces the reproduction of dust mites and their allergens.

  • Product properties
    A revolutionary dual active antimicrobial technology for proven long-lasting freshness and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria and dust mites.

    -Wash-durability: good antibacterial performance even after 20 washes.

    -Built-in technology: No after-finishing process, easy to use One fiber with two core functions

  • Fields of application
    The fiber is used as filling for:



    -Bed mats

    Product size:

    -6.67D x 60mmThree-dimensional crimped hollow

    -(Silicon free)0.8D x 32mm (silicon included)

Huan Tai

Welcome to contact our partner GlobalThai to get more advantages of Cloudmax®.

Global ThaiGlobal Thai

Global Thai set up on 1991, which is the company for professional filling productionmanufacturing enterprises

When Shanning Tai Antibacterial and Anti mite Short Fiber Encounters DuPont SORONA ®

Wonderful combination of excellent products

Global Thai use Sanitized 3D curved hollow fiber and Dupon's Sorona fiber to make a revolutionary combination. Give filling products more performance:

Anti-bacterial and Anti-miteAnti-bacterial and Anti-miteSustainabillitySustainabillityEnviromentalEnviromentalHigh termalHigh termalSuperme softnessSuperme softnessExcellent resilienceExcellent resilience


Advantage Anysis:

Anti-bacterial and Anti-dust mite

The dust mites are grow up form filling. and only washing shell for pillowBeding will not enougth.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-dust mite
Long-lasting fluffy Good resilience

The malecular structure of spring determines the characteristics of Cloudax* lasting fluffy and good resence

Long-lasting fluffy Good resilience
Both tag's super cost-effective

Have both Sanitized* and Sorona's hangtag.more tustworthy

Both tag's super cost-effective
Optimize production leadtime

Chose Cloudmax products to save your time

Optimize production leadtime
Washableand good stability

20times for anti-bacteria and 50times for anti-mite