SILVADUR™ freshness protection technology
Smart textile

SILVADUR ™ Fresh protection technology

Intelligent antibacterial, keeping fabrics fresh and preventing odors

SILVADUR™ unites silver ion’s elemental powers with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial for a wide variety of textile and apparel applications.
SILVADUR™ patented polymer technology adheres silver ions to fabric surfaces and activates them in the presence of odor-causing bacteria. This bio-responsive performance feature ensures that SILVADUR™ stays on the fabric surface and stops odors before they start.SILVADUR™ durable freshness and odor protection.
Look good. Feel good. Smell good.

Key benefits
  • Say goodbye to life’s smelly moments
    Say goodbye to life’s
    smelly moments

    From humid days to sweaty gym
    sessions, Intellifresh is there to block
    the smells that come your way

  • Next level durability
    Next level

    Intellifresh is designed and tested
    for the real-world so you’ll always be
    ready to take on your toughest days.

  • Designed with the environment in mind
    Designed with the
    environment in mind

    Intellifresh fabrics need fewer washes–
    so you’re saving water and energy.

...And Demonstrates Significant Bacterial Reduction.
Test Method: AATCC 100; 1:20 NB in sterile distilled water + 0.05% Triton X-100 wetting agent; 24 hour contact, 1.0 g sample; 1000ul inoculum; 10ml D/E neutralizing broth; EMB agar; Mannitol Salts agar
Conclusions: The samples were washed using AATCC 61-2A method to simulate 50 home launderings. The treated sample demonstrated significant bacterial reduction compared to the supplied control before and after washing. This treated sample passes Tier 1 screening for determining durable antimicrobial activity of treated articles.
Obtaining global mainstream regulatory certification
Obtaining mainstream market regulatory registration and certification,Such as EPA registration in the United States, BPR/REACH registration in the European Union, BlueSign ® Certification, OEKO-STANDARD ®100. Japan SEK certification, etc.
SILVADUR™ Can Be Applied Easily Using Almost Any Method...
…And At Any Step In The Process.