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Sample testing service
Provide various product sampling and testing services for enterprises
  • Sample service

    1.Color plate sampling, mainly for antibacterial color plates.

    2.Fabric sampling, including antibacterial, three proofing, easy decontamination, far infrared, negative ion function, etc.

    The specific operation process is as follows:

    1.Contact the sales department to inform them of the requirements.

    2.The sales department informs the technical support department of the needs of the product manufacturer (internal circulation within the company).

    3.The technical support department will contact you to implement the matching of samples and product manufacturers' processes.


    5.Provide samples and processes to the product manufacturer.

  • Testing services

    1.Sample testing

    After sampling, we will provide testing related consultation to customers and provide testing risk assurance to high-quality customers. Please consult the sales department for details.

    2.Product sampling

    Purchase antibacterial finishing agent series products every 200 kilograms or antibacterial masterbatch series products every 500 kilograms, and you will receive a free sampling service. The tested strains are Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and the testing agency is Shanghai SGS. If the customer has special requirements, please negotiate with the sales department.

    3.The designated testing agency is Shanghai SGS, and the testing report issued by this testing agency is globally available.