Silver ion antibacterial

Shanghai Runhe has 20 years of manufacturing experience. We use the advanced ion exchange technology to load silver ions on the superfine carrier, and make the superfine and high temperature resistance antibacterial agent with regular morphology and uniform particle size. The built-in silver ion antibacterial technology continuously inhibits the microbial growth on the fabric and can maintain the antibacterial effect after more than 100 washes. To bring you efficient and durable antibacterial products.

Slow release technology
Environmental protection

The use efficiency of silver ion is improved effectively by using slow release technology.

Extend the wear and use cycle of textiles, reflecting environmental protection characteristics.

Three advantages of the product
  • Superfine particle size
    Superfine particle size

    Superfine particle size (0.8µm - 2µm optional, suitable for multiple sizes)

    The morphology is regular and the particle size is uniform

    Excellent spinnability

    CIAA, SIAA certification

  • Antibacterial and washable
    Antibacterial and washable

    Silver ion antibacterial

    Low addition

    Broad-spectrum antibacterial

    Excellent washability (up to 100 times)

  • Stable performance
    Stable performance

    Temperature resistance, high stability

    Good color resistance

    High compatibility with resin

  • Ames test

    Conclusion: No mutagenicity

  • Acute oral toxicity test

    Conclusion: non-toxic grade

  • Dermal Irritation tests

    Conclusion: No obvious stimulation

  • Eyes irritation test

    Conclusion: Mild irritation without irrigation

  • In Vitro Mammalian Chromosome Aberration Test

    Conclusion: The test substance does not cause chromosome structural aberration

Application field

Various specifications of staple fiber, high speed spinning filament,profiled fibre, superfine denier fiber, polyester composite yarn, melt-blown non-woven fabric, etc

  • NAFUR RHA-900
    NAFUR RHA-900

    The product will be released in 2022. In addition to its stable antibacterial effect, the newly developed formulation from Shanghai Runhe improves the spinnability of RHA-900 by nearly 50%* at a more competitive price. Spinning is easier and smoother, and the lower cost is exciting.

    *Refers to the filter pressure value, compared with the original grade of Shanghai Runhe, the data is from NAFUR Technical Center.
  • NAFUR®RHM纺丝级银系无机抗菌母粒
    NAFUR RHA-1F(Universal type), NAFUR RHA-1F-II(High Efficiency type), NAFUR RHA-2F(Superfine type)

    After nearly 20 years of market experience, excellent spinnability, stable and reliable antibacterial performance. Widely used in polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other built-in antibacterial processing. Suitable for blending, high-speed spinning filament and profiled fibre, to meet the needs of high performance spinning. It can also be used for various film or coating materials.

  • More International Brands
    Sanitized®BC A 21-41

    From Switzerland Sanitai company, products with BPR, EPA, FDA, EFSA certification. High antibacterial rate and low additive amount. Customers can also apply for the SANITIZED® quality logo to help improve brand quality and enhance brand influence.

  • NOVARON® AG1100

    From TOAGOSEI, with BPR, EPA, FDA, SIAA certification. Ultra-high silver content and ultra-fine particle size, can be used in polypropylene, polyester, nylon filament and special-shaped fibers. Its low addition is also easy to use with toners, pastes, anti-UV agents and flame retardants.